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Ezio Zaccagnini

Ezio Zaccagnini is a Neapolitan drummer resident in Rome.
He has played with many famous artists in Italy and abroad ( New York, Atlantic City, Toronto, Lussemburgo, Tokyo, France, and Spain)
In 1990 he started working with Max Manfredi and was involved in the artistic production that received two prizes in the best work category: Prize TENCO, and Prize CIAMPI.
In 1993 he directed the production of the album "Max".
Ezio also teaches in the following music schools:
His extensive playing and recording credits include artists like:
Penny Brown,
Jho Jenkins,
Enzo Gragnaniello,
Marco Armani,
Biagio Antonacci,
Luca Barbarossa,
Stefano Borgia,
Barbara Cola,
Bobby Solo,
Antonello Salis,
Harold Bradley,
"Monsieur 'o Pale",
Mario Castelnuovo,
Lucio Dalla,
Amedeo Minghi,
Francesco Di Giacomo (Banco),
Mario Lavezzi,
Fabrizio Emigli

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