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Dee Potter

Began Playing: age 4

Musical Styles: hard rock, pop, funk, fusion, latin, folk, country (and branches in almost

every other direction as well)

Experienced In: drums, percussion & vocals in all of the following areas:
studio recording
live performance (on all stages great and small)
digital home recording
session recording & gigs
live television & radio
workshops, seminars & private lessons
songwriting, arranging & production

Career Interests, Objectives, or Expectations:
I've been working as a freelance drummer around the world for a few years, now and am always on the lookout for fresh new challenges in music and enjoy playing for and with others who are as excited about music as I am... no matter what the genre.

More Specifics about Talent:
I play drumset and some hand percussion. I also sing, produce other recording artists and teach drums. I am schooled and experienced with most forms; rock, pop, latin, jazz, funk, world beat, blues, folk, country, etc.
The thrilling experiences I've accumulated over the years of playing all over the world are by far my greatest accomplishments.

Many good reviews of my work internationally as well as exciting new work always on the horizon based on my past work.

Financial Requirements:
My rates vary on a per-project basis depending on location and duration. Basically, anything can be mutually worked out.

I have recorded commercial albums and sessions in heavy metal, funk, alternative, latin/world beat, country, pop, rockabilly, and techno. I've performed throughout Canada and the U.S. as well as the U.K. and the Carribbean. I've worked on a cruise ship and was the house drummer for the European Music Festival. I've played with multi-platinum award winning artists such as Chick Corea, David Pomerantz, Amanda Ambrose, Maxine Nightengale, as well as gold record and Juno winners, Nicholas Walsh and Rob Bruce of Slik Toxik.

I like to explore fresh new ways of applying drum rhythms to both popular and esoteric forms of music to keep good musical compositions from being over shadowed by

I've been studying drums and music since age 4 with an instructor from the Ontario College of Percussion where I later attended in person until 1996. My career started at age 15 when I began to hone my craft as a musician and not just as a drummer. And I'm still working at it now, twenty years later.

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