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Clive Mears

I first started playing the drums way back in the early sixties. My grandfather was a Drum major in the Royal Berkshire Regiment. So, you could say I was following the family tradition.

In due course, I became involved in the music scene around my home town of Reading, Berkshire. I played in a number of local beat bands.

During this period, many of the local bands supported acts such as the Hollies, Shane Fenton and the Fentones and Marti Wilde, amongst others.

As well as enjoying my music, I also made many friends. I was very pleased to help one friend, Dave Graham, join the chart topping band the Four Pennies after Fritz Fryer left, and became very friendly with the 'Pennies'. Sadly, Dave died a few years ago. He was a great guitarist and a good friend.

Another friend that I met at this time, Archie Knapp a keyboard player, introduced me to his daughter Susan, whom I later married.

Over the years, I have played all sorts of music, I even played in a reggae band.
For the last 35 years, I have been playing Country music. During that time I have backed some of the best named country acts in both England and America.

Some of the musicians I have had the privilege to play with include, Slimbo Pickings, Dave Hayward, Bill James, Dave Sheriff (Stomp Records), and Paul Henry who used to play his music with the late Lonnie Donnegan.

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