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Caroline Taylor

Caroline Taylor- DRUMS/COMPOSER
Caroline, a woman who ` obviously has that American drive thing.....' (Brian Blain, Jazz UK) was indeed born in the United States, New York State to be exact. She grew up listening to Benny Goodman's dance band, Fats Waller and Bix Beiderbeck. After having studied fine art and percussion at University in the USA, she moved to England in 1986. Caroline became a full time musician in 1990 after pursuing a career in photography and music simultaneously. She has performed with a number of established jazz artists; Claire Martin, Valery Ponomarev and Nikki Yeoh to name just a few.

Although greatly influenced by the Art Blakey/Horace Silver school, she is swiftly finding her own voice. Her debut album For the Moment, is being well received and looks set to be a winner. She has performed at Ronnie Scott's, the Pizza Express Soho, the 606 Jazz club, the Vortex and in festivals here and abroad.

Performing all over England, the Caroline Taylor Quintet has gained a national reputation as a tight, swinging and energetic band. Led by drummer Caroline Taylor, the band contains some of Englans most exciting talent. They are all Guildhall alumni and though well versed in the Jazz tradition, they have a fresh and individual approach to the music.
Live performances centre around Ms. Taylor's original compositions and those of Horace Silver. The compositions mix distinct grooves to dynamic effect; mellow Afro/Latin grooves contrasting dramatically with up tempo hard bop rhythms.

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