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Calogero Marrali

Sicilian musician, starts playing drums very young. He had his first music experience in the '70s with a rock band playing melodic rock, but the music played by star drummer like Gene Krupa, Max Roach, Billy Hart & Joe Morello (Jazz) toucht him profoundly becoming his passion. In 1974 goes to study in Bologna with Maestro Eder Guardigli for the admition at the conservatory and at the same time he dedicate his time to the study of the drums with drummer Mauro Gherardi, then rock star Vasco Rossi's drummer. In this period, knows and playes with well known italian musicians.
In 1980 he hestablished himself in Germany and there playes with different bands. In 1987 goes back to Sicily where continues his musical activity playin in clubs and festivals. In 1986 forms the Groovin' Jazz Orchestra. In 1999 with the Riff Quartet reaches the first place at the International Music Competition in Weima (Germany).

In year 2000 records the first CD under his name "From Starry Nights to Sunrise" gaining great reviews form the italian and international critic. At the same year organizes the "Tribute to Nick La Rocca" in Partanna in collaboration with Jim La Rocca e David Hansen. In 2001, after a tour in Germany makes an homage to the great Jackie McLean recording with an alto saxophonist that has a great international reputation in Jazz, Jim Snidero.
He has partecipated in many clinis and workshops with great drummer such as Elvin Jones, Peter Erskine, Simon Phillips, Billy Cobham. In the U.S. has played with Gregory Smith's band and has perfomed with differet musicians such as: Tony Scott, Irio De Paula, Jim Snidero, Lorenzo e Davide Petrocca, Oscar Klein, Romano Mussolini, Roberto Pregadio, Massimo D'Avola, Giacommo Bertuglia, Bruno De Filippi, Ack Van Rooyen, Gregory Smith, Salvatore Bonafede, Joe Ford, Nick Costa, Benedetto Amoroso, Joachim Scheu, Alexander Katz, Michele Pantaleo, Pierre Paquette and many more.

1998 Riff Quartet (C.P.)

1999 Live at the Brass Youg Clut (Brass Group)

1999 Live at the Licata Jazz Festival (C.P)

2000 From Starry Nights to Sunrise (Splasc(h) Records)

2001 Homage to Jackie McLean (Splasc(h) Records)

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Featured Member
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