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Bill Ray

I have been playing drums for as long as I can remember. When I was about a year old I would seek out my Father's drumset and bang around. When my Dad would be heading out for work I would corner him at the door and literally make him sit down and play. Then I would sit down and emulate his actions. This was my earliest formal training of sorts.

All through the years I've striven to "be different" in my approach to playing music. My tastes have strayed from the "norm" and I've always sought to find new sounds and develop that influence into my paradigm.

It was with that maverick wanderlust that I created my book "Time, Space, & Rhythm". The best description I can give you is that it is to rhythm what Dr. Seuss was to literature. Kinda wacky and strange but highly applicable.

My musical tastes vary greatly; Right now I'm hugely into choral music for the textures of sound and the colors of rhythm that it exudes. Namely, Eastern European stuff. Lots of dissonatas and polyrhythmic passages. Also I've gotten into Trilok Gurtu's work with the Crazy Saints. Of course I can never get enough of Jonas Hellborg. If there were one guy that I'd like to sit down with and have a musical conversation with it would be him.
other stuff I've been enamored with is "Outkast", the soul group. Their new album "The Love Below/Speakerboxxx" is as an important piece of work as the Beatle's White Album, in my opinion. I would love to play with those guys!! If Andre3000 reads this, I want your gig!! :)

Music, in my opinion, should be made illegal, plain and simple.
There, I said it. Before you cast aspersions unto me, let me give you a bit of logic to follow:

Just because I play drums doesn't mean I am a loud player. That being said, I will let you read on:

So recently I've been playing in the fine city of Del Mar, CA. at a posh upscale establishment. The manager is a fine human being that is of "Other than American" ancestry who appreciates music and musicians. We are always treated with a modicum of respect and they even give us free food (imagine that!!!). However, there are certain elements of the seaside community that feel otherwise.

This 'element' feels the need to call and complain incessantly over the musings of the hosting establishment. The poor man is constantly having to worry about getting cited or shut down over a service, ergo an enhancement in the dining experience, that he provides his clients.

Which leads me to my point: Make ALL music illegal in Del Mar, CA. I'm calling for a complete ban on all things musical in Del Mar, CA. I'm hoping to take my campaign farther into maybe California banning music outright.

Let's face it folks, this thing called "music" has, since the days of Elvis Presley, converted this country into a writhing, squirming pile of flesh and is sending us down the road to hell! Also, Music is too omnipresent in our culture and personally I think the oversaturation has all but made some folks well bitter.

For one, Del Mar (which has become my new definition of Rio Linda ) should cowtow to those offended and give in to their demands. I mean, it WOULD be nice to be able to sit in Rio Linda err .Del Mar and enjoy a nice meal with no distractions. Anyone with a car stereo will keep it off. House parties with music, nada. If you fail to obey, you lose your shit. End of story.

But oh, the boon of illegal music!! The city could stand to make millions of dollars on fines alone! As far as handling real crime, the agencies responsible would have a perfect excuse why they "didn't have the resources" to deal when things get out of hand, vis-a-vis the Pena fellow who committed "suicide by cop" and unfortunately his daughter, err...."human shield" perished in the shootout. I mean, think about it- the police would have the perfect out!! "We were handling noise complaints in Rio Linda when the lunatic shot up the mini-mart".

Also there is a darker side: For many of the neoconservative type it would be quite good in their eyes to stop the scourge of evil messages being piped to the masses. What better way to handle this than to ban all music!? The whole neoconservative movement, to me, is all about "well the rhapsody is coming so let's consume this planet and drain it because we're all going to heaven anyway and will receive 72 virgins ". This scourge; nay; BLIGHT to the society as we know it feels it is their duty to protect us from ourselves. So I say, (again) BAN ALL MUSIC. Let the "them" dictate what we are allowed to hear. How long will that trend last? Well, I don't know. The American public has allowed this kind of 'surrender in the name of safety your liberties' for so long that I feel that no one could care less until "they" start taking over the smaller details in life, much like they are trying to do on a daily basis.

I urge the city of Rio Linda (DM) to stop the influx of culture and vivacity that music adds to the world (at least their little corner of it). Furthermore, I am drafting a bill that will end up on the Governator's desk and he will most certainly sign it into effect. If it is successful, I will have single-handedly stopped the pirating of music in California the record companies will sing with delight!! (Well, no they won't thanks to Rio Lindaites)

So what's the point in all of this? If you make something illegal, people naturally will flock to it. Tell someone they can't do something and chances are they will, with a fervor unparalleled.

Take drugs for instance. The marajuana growers make a KILLING off their product. People buy it and they have a level of respect for their purchase. No one gives away their stash! It's cherished!

So if music were illegal, more people will have a higher respect for the fact that music isn't such a trivial thing; it would quickly be appreciated as the lifeblood it is.

Look down my blog entries to the "Apathy & Artwalk" story. See? There's another prime example why music should be illegal. As illustrated, the few negative voices that rise up seem to resonate the loudest. I want those people to feel like at least one musician loves them

If it seems like a contradiction of terms, just remember that there are "Jews for Jesus" "Gays against homosexuality" "The log cabin club" (gay republicans) and the list goes on. So as far as me being a contradiction of who I am, just know that my foresight and pre-planning is getting you all geared up to the future of what we used to know as a free society that embraces it's artists. It's coming folks. Be prepared. Be warned. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Drummer Bill Ray has joined Southern California funk/rock act Tubby. Says Bill "I have been looking a long time to express ideas in all realms of musical styles with a band such as this." More info on Bill can be found at www.billraydrums.com Tubby can be found at: www.tubbyfunk.com

(PRWEB) November 25, 2004 -- Bill Ray of the Ike Turner camp has joined Southern California funk/rock act Tubby as their new drummer. Says Bill: "I have been looking a long time to express ideas in all realms of musical styles with a band such as this."

Tubby's music is an eclectic amalgamation of funk, rock, ska, world music and attitude. The shows bring in, depending upon the venue 50-5000 people. The band's setlist is 99% original music with at least one cover tune thrown in for good measure. The band has been together for 4 years and has amassed a healthy following in the San Diego area.

Tubby currently plays in and around the Southern California area at such places as the Coaster Saloon and 'Canes in Mission Beach, Longboarders in Pacific Beach, Winstons in Ocean Beach, The Hard Rock Cafe' at both the La Jolla and Downtown locations. Currently the band is working on it's 2nd release and expanding it's territory to include the western region of the country.

Bill Ray also wishes to thank the following for their support: Meinl Cymbals, Taye Drums, Pro-Mark Sticks, Aquarian Drumheads, Slug Percussion Products, Puresound Percussion, Ronn Dunnett, Ike Turner, and you for reading.

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