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Ben Perowsky

Ben Perowsky plays the drums. He's played them since he was 3 years old. He was born in New York City. He has played with a lot of very famous musicians and has had a lot of fun. When he was very young, he started playing professionally with big stars like James Moody, Rickie Lee Jones and Roy Ayers. Ben grew up listening to many kinds of music. You can tell when you hear him play. He has played in many bands. He still plays in many bands. He also has a few bands of his own. He writes music for them. One is a new four piece band. They toured in Italy last spring. It was fun. They might do it again soon. They're good. Another band is called Moodswing orchestra.

They're good too. There are 7 musicians in that band. Ben put out a cd of a smaller version of this band on his own record label. El Destructo Recordings.
Some of the other bands that Ben is playing with today are in a list below. Some of the people that Ben has played with in the past are in a list below that.
Joan As Police Woman (She sings her songs and will save the world)
Madeleine Peyroux (She sings and will also)
Uri Caine (He plays piano and reworks classical people)
Steven Bernstein (He's loud and funny)
Ed Pastorini (He writes good songs)
Chris Speed's Iffy (They play loud and beautiful)
David Torn (He plays guitar and makes recordings)
Brice Goggin (He makes records)
Tom Macintosh (He writes music and is a legend)
Frank Perowsky (He's Ben's dad. He plays great tenor sax and clarinet, and writes music too)
Liminal (with Danny Blume and Chris Kelly of GoodandEvil, brooklyn studio moguls)
Elysian Fields (with Jennifer Charles and Oren Bloedow, they're very cool)
Erik Sanko (from Skeleton Key, and the Lounge Lizards, he plays bass and makes puppets)
Lost Tribe (Ben was co-leader with Adam Rogers and they made 3 cds)
Mike Stern, John Scofield, Pat Martino, and Vernon Reid (they play guitars)
Bob Berg, Don Byron, Dave Douglas, and Ronnie Cuber (they play horns)
Salif Kieta (He's an african popstar)
Walter Becker (He's in the band "Steely Dan")
John Cale (He's in the Velvet Underground)
John Lurie's Lounge Lizards (They wore suits)


Ben's first release on John Zorn's "Jewish series" (part of the world renouned Tzadik label). On this CD Ben borrows the extroardinary pianist Uri Caine's Trio, of which he is also a member, along with bass superhero Drew Gress. Here they explore melodies Ben and Uri remember from childhood and especially summer camp in upstate N.Y.


After playing together for the better part of 25 years, the father and son finally document their musical relationship with the CD "Bop On Pop", featuring Frank Perowsky on tenor sax and clarinet and Sam Yahel on organ, who can be heard lately with Joshua Redman. Produced by Ben Perowsky, this is Ben's second release as a producer since his 1999 CD "Ben Perowsky Trio", both for Jazzkey Music Ltd.

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