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Bashiri Johnson

Rhythms are like oceans. They have many sources. My rhythms come from the streets, from divine intervention, traditions, other musicians, the sky, everything, anything.

When I began playing, the world was my instrument. According to my mother, I started in pre-school, disrupting class by playing on desktops, chairs, toys and anything else I could find a groove on.

My home is Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn where I learned from the neighborhood "street school." But early on, I knew there was a whole world of music going on inside Bed-Sty and out. I grew up in the 60's with Hendrix, Cream, James Brown, Trane, The Panthers, Angela, The Last Poets, Sly, Malcolm, and a guiding light from my parents that made me-Me.

Serious percussion began in high school with bands, formal study, grants and my three year tutorship in percussion and the music business with Mtume. Through Mtume, I performed in my first professional session on Stephanie Mills' "Whatcha Gonna Do With My Lovin'." I still have the gold record on my wall.
Growing up, I wanted to be Airto, Ralph McDonald, Big Black, Tito Puente, Bootsy, Olatunji and Tony Williams. When I wasn't in school, I would be in my room, playing along to the radio. After I learned the parts of my radio mentors, I created my own parts and patterns.

As long as I'm playing, I am learning. I've grown up, yet I haven't changed. I will always be a student. I will always be inspired by incredible percussionists, by my roots in Africa, by the world around me.A massive new sample collection by Bashiri Johnson, produced by Eric Persing for ILIO.
Bashiri Johnson (Whitney Houston, Miles Davis, Madonna, Saturday Night Live, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, Peter Wolf), has dreamed up a new kind of groove library, with sounds both familiar and mysterious, dangerous and beautiful. And mostly, a groove experience you've probably never imagined.
The sounds are organic, metallic, deep and glassy. Some were created by radically conceived, hand-welded instruments, others from more traditional skins and sticks. All of them were played live, some preserved, some liquefied, to create an immense amalgam of earthy and industrial beats.

Bashiri pours his mind and soul directly into his instruments. His accuracy and feel have long been celebrated by musicians the world over. And if you're a fan of Eric Persing, you won't be disappointed by the spacious, round and tasty feel of his mixes and remixes on Ethno Techno.
Loops are provided as Mixes, Elements and Remixes, all Groove Control activated. Multisample menus too!

"Bashiri never ceases to astonish me; he is always so musical. If one needs to hear and feel music, he is inspirational. The feel, the space, the world sounds, come from a truly gifted man."
- Phil Ramone, legendary producer

"Bash is the man. I highly recommend Ethno Techno for those who don't have access to the man himself." -David Morales, Grammy nominated artist/remixer/DJ.

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