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Andy James

Born in New York, Andy James began playing drums at the age of ten. He quickly became serious about the craft and admits that school work took a back-seat to drumming. He picked up drumming styles from old Van Halen, KISS and Foghat records. "My biggest influences were Roger Earl of Foghat, and Peter Criss of KISS," recalls James. "I remember listening to Roger Earl on Foghat Live and saying, yep, that's what I want to do, no doubt."
An inexperienced adolescent in the music industry but with a passion for drumming guiding him, James quit school at age 16 and moved to Los Angeles. Within a year, he was touring worldwide, developing a sweet taste for road life that further strengthened his decision to pursue a professional music career. After the tour, James traveled to Canada to record and tour with the band Thrush.

Every year since then, James has either been on the road or doing sessions.
James agrees that his reputation in the industry is that of a hard rock drummer. "This is fine with me because playing hard rock is what I enjoy the most. I can appreciate other music (in fact Rickie Lee Jones is my favorite artist of all time), but if I get offered a gig, and it's not my style, I'll pass."
Andy has additional articles coming out in Modern Drumer magazine 2003 year. The next one is an in-depth 3 part article on drum microphone techniques and microphone design, which should hit the streets in July 2003 and continue monthly until September. Modern Drummer has also just accepted another article for the realities/In the studio column which should be out the end of the year!!! You can hear some examples of Andy's work on newly released jingles for Macy's, Bloomingdales and Retrovision. Also, the summer reality show X-treme Sports features intro and exit music featuring Andy on drums. Stop by and say hello while at Summer NAMM in Nashville, TN, as Andy will be at the Ludwig Drums booth as well as Sabian Cymbals on Friday and Saturday!! Upcoming:

-Andy starts recording with Verign Carter this summer, for his much anticapted record after the debut "Summer" album released in 2000. Watch for the new Sony records release sometime in 2004.

-Andy will be writing and recording material for all-star LA guitartist
Dallas Perkins. Pre-production starts May 21 and anticipated release sometime late in 2003.

Additionally, Andy has signed an exclusive endorsement agreement with a new company outside of the drum industry....Andy is proud to announce that he has entered into an agreement with GRK Fasteners of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Andy will utilze their products for various needs of touring, as well as clinic and studio needs, and hopes to do some limited advertising for the company. Check back for more details on this exciting new company and please visit their website for product information! As Andy states: "GRK fasteners are the most advanced, strongest fastener myself or my tech have ever seen."
2004- Andy has been busy tracking projects in Seattle and Southern California, and has also just finished a new photo shoot with famed photographer GENE KIRKLAND in Los Angeles. New photos will be posted soon!! Also, Andy is very excited to announce he has signed on again with Drum Workshop pedals!! John Good, Garrison and the staff at DW recently took Andy on a factory tour and showed him all the current DW drums and hardware, and after Andy tried the DW pedal line again, he was hooked!! "I have always loved the feel of the old DW 5000 Turbo pedals, and now that I have tasted the newest models and that 9500 hi hat stand...wow...I had to work with these guys again". Andy added...."John Good is one of the best guys in the business...Truly a nice guy and just very cool to work with...I am very very excited to be on the DW roster, and now that I am slamming DW 5000 pedals again it just feels like I am finally back home!!"

2005-Andy will be appearing at the NAMM show in California at the end of January. Be sure to check out Ludwig, Regal Tip, Sabian or AKG and stop by and say hi!! The hit broadway production PUSH ended in Vancouver this month to rave reviews on Andy's playing. Watch late this summer for a live DVD to be released by Universal. Andy has also signed a new exclusive endorsement deal with Mueller Athletic Products. Andy will be using Mueller finger tape products live and in the studio. "I have always used finger tape in key areas for pretty much my entire career. The Mueller product is just superior!!" Watch for upcoming advertising and press releases with Andy for Mueller Athletic.

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