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Andrew Lamarche

As the lights hit the stage and a rhythmic beat emerges, you know that you've heard this drummer somewhere, before. The high-energy performance is familiar, the artistry unmistakable. Perhaps you've heard him on the radio, or maybe you've watched him perform. It could very well be both, for this drummer is seemingly everywhere. Still, the question remains: who is this musician, the man behind the drum kit?

His name is Andrew Lamarche, and in recent years, he has been much in-demand. Currently working as a freelance drummer, Lamarche's sound continues to be prevalent on the Canadian music scene. Perhaps some of his best-known work has been with former rock entity Artificial Joy Club (Crunchy/Interscope Records), whose 1997 album "Melt" showcased his drum stylings to many corners of the world.

Lamarche knew his true calling early on in life, and his career has been a remarkable progression. After picking up drumsticks for the first time at the age of 11, Lamarche began to hone his talents, seeking to learn as much about his craft as possible. Following several years of lessons, practice and study, he was compelled to share his knowledge through teaching others, beginning at the age of 18. Upon graduating high school, Lamarche wrote and published a drum method book, using this along with other classic drum texts to instruct his students. Soon, however, came the greater desire to perform as much as possible.
Lamarche's exposure on the music scene has been widespread. The artists and bands he has played with can attest to the range of his abilities. Notable has been his work with rock-funk group Masterplan, whom Lamarche performed with throughout university, as well as with adult-contemporary artist Andrea de Valois and East Indian Bhangra band, Simply Bhangra. Playing for different audiences is something which he greatly enjoys, and his time with Artificial Joy Club made him no stranger to this, or to life on the road. 1997 saw Lamarche performing across the U.S. with the Lollapalooza tour, followed by several months of festivals and headlining shows in the U.S. and Canada, while 1998 had him touring across Europe. It is his great skill as a quickstudy that has allowed Lamarche further memorable experiences: in the fall of 1998, he became the replacement drummer for U.K.-based blues band The Hoax, when their drummer was denied entry into the country. In his home city of Ottawa, Lamarche is also known as the drummer for the annual Jimi Hendrix Tribute show.

Lamarche has been much sought-after in the studio. After working with L.A.-based producer Michael James (Reverend Horton Heat, L7, Hole) on the Sal's Birdland album "Nude Photos Inside" (Discovery/Warner Records), James had Lamarche record with Los Angeles-based band, The Maxfield Rabbit. Experience and reputation have led him to recording on many projects, such as those of Nashville singer-songwriter David Wilson, Boston-based artist Cami Gutierrez, rock/blues guitarist Robert Farrell and hard rock mystery band Freüdhammer (Aggression Records). Lamarche's drumming can also be found on both UNMUTED: "Ottawa Artists Against AIDS" compilations, and several other recordings over the past number of years.

The last few years have had Andrew working with Ottawa singing sensation Tammy Raybould (Boulder Records/Sony Music), and both performing and recording with alterna-power rock band THERMOclinE (Stamina Records). Recent gigs have been with Juno-nominated R&B singer Carl Henry and Carole Pope formerly of Rough Trade.

Both live and in the studio, it is his competence and quality, flexibility and experience that have been, and continue to be, the defining characteristics of Lamarche's drumming career.

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