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Alex Sanguinetti

Alex Sanguinetti has had an outstanding and intense musical carreer in the USA, Europe and Latin America. He started to play drums at the age of thirteen and played with most of the local musicians until he was heard by Kenny Clare in London who offered him to perform clinics with him and teach at his school in England, which he did for six months.

Later, thanks to the endorsement of Pierre Moerlen (Gong) and the Mozarteum he traveled back to London to teach (City College of Leeds) and to play with musicians from the british scene.

Back in Argentina he was heard by George Gruntz who signed him up for playing at the Berlin Jazz Festival in 1982.
From this moment on, Alex lived for about eight years in Europe, playing daily and performing seminars with many of the most important figures in the music worldwide (see Bio). In 1991 he moved to New York with a scholarship of Manhattan School of Music.

From 1992 to 1999 he lived in Argentina and he continued his international carreer playing two times a year in Europe and USA, touring with foreign musicians who visited Argentina and teaching privately, this being an aspect of his work for which he received a number of awards. During those years, he was representative of the famous New York school, Drummers Collective in Argentina.

Since August 1999 he lives in Munich, Germany, where he continues teaching and performing.

Born: in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 18, 1958.
Played with:

Clark Terry
Kenny Wheeler
Joe Lovano
Danilo Pérez
Rick Margitza
Conrad Herwig
Renato Chicco
Fareed Haque
Walt Weiskopf
Ralph Lalama
Walter Norris
Marc Copland
Gail Wynters
Markus Becker
Herb Geller
Barbara Dennerlein
Mauro Grossi
Santi Debriano
Wilson de Oliveira
Jim Snidero
Bireli Lagrene
Atila Zoller
Wolfgang Lackerschmidt
Jim Rotundi
Chris Byars
Ari Roland
Pat O'Leary
Rob Amster
Michael Sagmeister
Ralf Cetto
Phil Markowitz
Manfred Brundl
Danny Hayes
Rick Keller
Peter Reiter

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Featured Member
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