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Alessia Mattalia

Funny how the time seems to have passed so quickly, I can hardly cast my mind back and remember my beginnings 15 years ago...
Dedicated to everyone who supported me until now, this website is a bridge between my past and the future, which as far as I know will become more and more technological, but with an ever growing need for the beauty of music.

1991: one LP recorded and various italian and european tours with italian band FUNKY LIPS.

1994 August: release of Alessia's first self-produced demo-tape (TO THE LIGHT).

1995: drummer in Dario Baldan Bembo's band for an italian summer tour.

1995 July: Chosen for official endorsement by UFIP Cymbals and DRUMSOUND drums.

1996: One italian tour and various TV shows with italian all-female band ROSAVANITOSA.

1997: with italian band B-Nario opens Michael Jackson's concert in Milano (6/18/1997) and Eros Ramazzotti's european tour.

1998: becomes drummer of ArX, the most renowned italian power pop band in USA.

1999/2000: regular playings in italian TV shows.

2000: Italian firm ROLL announces the beginning of the production of ALESSIA MATTALIA SIGNATURE drumsticks.

2001: after ArX are nominated BAND ON THE WEEK on English musical portal LiveClub.com and their single NAZI RAUS is TRACK OF THE DAY on Garageband.com, the worldwide renowned magazine MODERN DRUMMER communicates that Alessia will be featured in its column ON THE MOVE of June.

The Spins are an Electro-Pop band from Torino, Italy and created in April 2004 by Alessia Mattalia, the most well-known female drummer from Italy. Italian newspaper La Republica about The Spins: "The keyboardist writes fine music, played by a stunning drummer and an enviable singer" (May 14th 2004 about the rough mix of the "Hello Baby" EP).

The Spins, inspired by bands such as Toto and Kraftwerk, has released the EP called "Hello Baby" by Dying Giraffe Recordings on the 5th of April 2005. The EP contains 5 songs. The title song is included twice on the tracklist. One is a chill out version and the other one is an experimental version. All tracks are played on modern instruments like drums, keyboards, guitar and bass guitar.

Alessia Mattalia has founded The Spins with 4 other musicians, namely Elisabetta Beiletti (lead vocals), Marcello Giordano (keyboards), Andrea Fantuzzi (guitar) and Michele Manzo (bass).

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