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Alan Miller

Alan stemmed his love and respect for music in all directions at the very early age of five. His early childhood instruments included piano, drums, brass and woodwinds where he studied to solidify his musical abilities through education and musical variety.

Alan steered his love for percussion and drumming permanently at the age of 10. While continuing lessons on piano and other orchestral instruments, Alan self taught himself throughout his teen years with the musical knowledge he gained from the theory and variety of other instruments he had learned to play.

During his middle school years, Alan was the first and youngest student to be placed into his State Jazz band program. In his late teens, Alan helped compose persussion music to lead his high school drumline through undefeated competitions throughout Florida, Georgia and the Southeast United States. Alan was also awarded with the "Who's Who in Music" award from it's organization during his Senior year.

Following High School, Alan was awarded full scholorships to Florida Community College at Jacksonville to be followed by two more years at Florida State University where he would complete his studies in Music Education. Alan began his professional drumming career before college by playing in various studio session recordings and live concerts for other artists and bands.
Alan's natural born talents allowed him to mimic all styles of music with great emotion making him a desired asset to everyone he performs with. During college Alan had the opportunity to share the stage with such greats as Rick Kirkland of the Ray Charles Band and Kitaro.

Since those beginning days, a long road of experience has taken Alan across the United States in the form of rock, jazz, funk, pop and country music. Alan has been described by MCA and Warner Bros. Record Label A&R and Executives as "perfected", "Terry Bozzio and Neil Peart rolled into one" and "at home on the stage".

Although he may live behind a drum set, Alan is a true musician and still picks up every instrument he can to make and create music. A well-seasoned music professional, he is capable of tackling the most challenging projects that present themselves to him. From recording and touring to clinics and instruction, Alan is truly a professional musician and drummer.

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