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Alain Rieder

Alain Rieder shares his time between live and studio playing, and teaching the drumset, in Switzerland and abroad.

Born in Geneva in 1955, he first studies cello for about ten years.
An autodidact drummer from the age of 15, he decides to concentrate on drumming at 20. A graduate from PIT (Percussion Institute of Technology - Musicians Institute, Los Angeles) in 1982, he goes through diverse phases of personnal practice and teaching, that lead him to write the drum book "Time Manipulation".

Alain has played and/or recorded with :

Frank Gambale (Montreux & Antibes Jazz Festivals 1989, JazzIn Concert - DRS TV 1992, with Jimmy Earl, Tom Coster & Mike Fahn.

Fritz Hauser (Perspectives Percussives - La Bâtie, Festival de Genève 1993)
Ruud Wiener ("The Go- Between")

The ensemble of Centre International de Percussions.

Grafitti - Haakon Graf's Band w/Terje Gewelt (Haakon Graf's Grafitti has also released a CD with Dennis Chambers & Gary Grainger)

French pop/rock group Quai des Brumes (two singles : "Le Baiser qui Tue", "Dommage qu'on soit Pacifiques" - CBS/Epic).

Chris de Burgh (TV); Ronan Keating (TV).

Robin Kenyatta.

Zappa Special (a group playing covers of FZ's compositions).

Stryge; Angle; BlueBird & the Sky; Paolo Bellinati; Handle With Care; Pascal Auberson; Alain Monney; Moncef Genoud; Jacques Demierre; Olivier Rogg & Philippe Dragonetti; Nicolas Hafner; Christie K; Diana Miranda; The Munch; JFM the Inguitarissable, Zep'n'Greg.

Dave Weckl's comment, as it appears on the back-cover of Time Manipulation:
"I find that Alain's book "Time Manipulation" can help in many different areas such as reading, coordinated independence and phrasing. Used as a tool in a complete organized practice routine, I recommend it."

Peter Erskine's comment, as it appears on the back-cover of Time Manipulation :
"Time Manipulation provides a means for the drum student and teacher to systematically progress through a wealth of rhythmic exercises and disciplines. Alain Rieder has carefully assembled and designed this collection of beats (with various accompanying ostinatos), and it is suitable for drummers of most every level. As an adjunct to a musical course of study, I can recommend it."

Review from "Batteur Magazine" (translated from French) :

When I immersed myself into Alain Rieder's book, I quickly realized that it merited the greatest of interest. Short, clear and concise texts, with no useless frills or complications. Exercises elaborated on simple bases, which require a very moderate reading capacity. The concepts are up-to-date (e.g. polyrhythms, anticipations, beat displacement, linear phrases, double bass-drum, metric and polymetric modulations). It has everything to give it life and originality.
The author's masterly writing shows his desire to transmit the message of contemporary groove playing in the most direct way possible. This book is a pleasure to work on. You no doubt will be surprised to discover how each chapter can be easily dissected, how each section is carefully thought out for playing.
Time Manipulation allows one to work directly on grooves, beyond any single style or trend. It has an open structure which allows the player to apply his own ideas and creativity.

Time Manipulation presents the principal elements - from the most elementary to the most advanced - necessary to construct a solid vocabulary for improvisation. But don't read this wrong.Time Manipulation is not a collection of licks to learn by heart and take out of their box at an opportune moment. No, it is somewhat like Gary Chester's book in its way of defining how to successfully play some combination or another; it only gives the basic recipe and leaves it up to the player to adaptit to his own personality.
The five main sections contain sixty-four 16-bar exercises. Each exercise is supposed to be played with many cymbal ostinatos. This approach ultimately covers over 6500 combinations, which says a lot...
One quite useful idea is that logs are provided on the last pages so that improvements can be checked, e.g. page X with ostinato Y, etc. I was most pleased with the quick results I got working on the exercises dealing with beat displacement (Section 4, page 51), and linear phrasing (page 80). And I had great fun trying to play the excellent metric and polymetric modulation patterns (examples 1|27, page 94).Take a glance. I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised.
In Time Manipulation, Alain Rieder explains what he has been able to learn from people like Ralph Humphrey, Joe Porcaro and Steve Houghton when he was at PIT. Add the thorough study of drummers styles, like those of Garibaldi, Gadd, Colaiuta, Weckl and Erskine, and you will have an idea of what this book actually means. But it is not enough to just copy and transcribe in order to produce a good method. And this is where it becomes obvious that Rieder has concocted an excellent educational book based on the playing of innovative drummers. But, as I said before, the book is not a collection of these drummers' licks. That is where the author's art is essential.
I might just add that Time Manipulation has been recommended by Dave Weckl and Peter Erskine...

Alain Gozzo, Batteur Magazine, January 94.

Review from Modern Drummer Magazine :

For students who are not quite ready for Gary Chester's The New Breed, this book could prove the perfect introduction to some of it's concepts. Time Manipulation begins by introducing a series of ostinatos for the hi-hat or ride cymbal (and sometimes hi-hat pedal) that are comparable to Chester's "systems".
Granted, there are no instructions indicating that one should play them with both left- and right-hand lead (sic), but there is nothing to stop someone doing that, either.
Following the ostinatos are over fifty pages of exercises with various bass drum and snare patterns, each of which is to be practiced with each of the ostinatos. Had Rieder have written all of the exercises out, the book would have easily filled several hundred pages; by simply printing the basic exercises once and listing all the various ride patterns that can be played with them, his book covers a lot more ground than its 112 pages would indicate. Whereas The New Breed's reading exercises are great for developing reading and technique, individual measures do not always make practical drum beats. Time Manipulation, by contrast, offers one-bar patterns that are very realistic in terms of potential for everyday use. They progress logically in difficulty from simple quarter and 8th-note patterns to 16th notes and 12/8 time. Because it starts with a basic 8th-note ride pattern,the book can be used as a beginning drumset method. By the end, the student will have a good command of a variety of time feels.

Rick Mattingly, Modern Drummer, March 1995.

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