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Pasha and his Drums Pasha is one of the youngest and currently lesser-known drum solo artists who is not only practicing semi-rhythmical and melodic drumming, but also developing new foot (Floating Feet) and balance techniques that he is already successfully using in this field. He is also one of the few drummers who is developing new hardware parts for drums and drum pedals.

Pasha (full name Pavel Yashchuk) began his musical journey in Moscow, at a private, experimental school of music where he studied percussive instruments. He graduated in 1992 and went on to play live in different pop, rock, and blues bands around the world and further master his drum solo skills.
Pasha always attempted to combine solo drumming and an existing melodic harmony into a single vast, rhythmically intense musical composition, and this eventually led him to his turning point. Based on the experience of playing drum solos in musical compositions, Pasha achieved a drum technique that allowed him to perform solo while simultaneously maintaining a non-stop rhythm section.
That experience launched him into his current phase, in which he is working on further developing and perfecting semi-rhythmic drum techniques that allow him to perform solos while simultaneously maintaining complex rhythm sections.

Floating Feet, as he calls it, is one of Pasha's original additions. Together with reworked body balance and a custom-designed set of pedals, it gives him the ability to perform rhythm patterns constructed out of three and up to seven, or even eight drums simultaneously with his feet alone!
His unique approach to body balance enables the feet to move freely from one pedal to another even at very high speed, and the drum pedal system that he designed specifically for use with the Floating Feet technique makes it possible to execute the needed precision in dynamics and to reach and play more than one drum pedal with a single foot. More than that, the Floating Feet technique, combined with the re-worked body balance and the custom-designed drum pedals, enables him to play a series of notes simultaneously with a single foot, similar to playing a chord on a piano.
The use of such a technique with both feet creates a very complex rhythm section which in itself can be polyrhythmic. But Pasha prefers to use his foot techniques to create a sophisticated rhythmical accompaniment for his solos, which are usually performed using different types of sticks and sometimes brushes.
He executes solos on the upper side of the kit on toms, floor toms, roto toms, octobans, a series of snares, small percussion tables and cymbals, at an enormously fast speed which enables him to create the illusion of playing musical phrases using "long notes." By combining such phrases, Pasha is able to play more advanced, rhythmically melodic etudes on drums.
In his complete compositions, Pasha joins his foot techniques, which create a very intense rhythm section, with the solos, which add a certain flow to the pulse of the rhythm and simultaneously create an illusion of a harmony played on top of it.

In the past year, Pasha has been very busy working in a completely new band called Pure Fire on production of its first upcoming instrumental mini-album by the name of Hyper Dance. At the same time, he has even further advanced and perfected his semi-rhythmic drum solo techniques, and is currently concentrating on the recording of his first drum solo album, which will be called Sound Check.
At this time, both projects are in recording stage and will become available very soon.

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