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Larry Mullen

Lawrence Mullen was born in Artane, Dublin on 31st October 1961 and brought up there at number 60 Rosemount Avenue. He had a tragic childhood, losing both a sister (1973) and his mother (1977). In the mid 1970s, he began doing military style drumming, and became a member of the Artane Boys' Band (which was later to feature in the video for the 1998 re-release of 'The Sweetest Thing'). Forced to leave for refusing to cut his long hair (it's hard to believe that Larry ever had long hair), he then learned to play jazz around the time that he formed U2, which meant that his contribution to the band was often limited to filling in and adding drum rolls.
As his style evolved, he became more involved in the writing of the songs, particularly in conjunction with Adam, his partner in the rhythm section. Having earlier been described as the band's 'weak link' (in fact CBS Ireland point-blank refused to sign the band initially, unless they got rid of him), he became much more assured and competent as his drumming became a more integral part of the songs, rather than an apparent afterthought.

Bono describes Larry as " a very complex character". He has said that it is the way Larry hits his bass drum that makes U2 a true rock 'n' roll band. It is fitting that as the founder of the group he is still credited with being the backbone of the band.

As U2's popularity increased, Larry adopted the 'Junior' suffix to his name, to avoid being confused with his father. At the time, Larry senior was receiving some unexpected tax demands which were intended for his son.
Larry has always been the quiet man of U2, preferring to let the other band members take centre stage at press conferences etc. He is also perhaps the most level headed, and is the most likely to put the brake on any elaborate and expensive plans that Bono in particular might have for complex stage sets etc. Despite the fame that success has brought, he is still content to remain largely in the background. During the recording of Pop Larry suffered from severe back problems and was forced to take a back seat while he underwent surgery. As a result he experimented much more with electronic drum machines and contributed heavily to the more techno feel of the album.

He lives with long time girlfriend Ann Acheson, and they have 3 children - son Aaron Elvis (born October 1995) and daughter Ava (born December 1998). During the Astoria show in London in February 2001 Bono announced to the crowd that Larry and Anne had become parents for the third time. Few details of this latest addition are known, although rumour has it that the baby is a girl named Anya.

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