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Kim Plainfield

Kim Plainfield Associate Professor
Alumna, University of California, Berkeley

Leader of the Kim Plainfield Trio
Publications include Advanced Concepts from Warner Brothers Music

Associate professor at SUNY, Purchase

Faculty chairman, Drummers Collective

Recordings include Night and Day with Lincoln Goines; By Request, Mother Nature's Son, and Listen Love with Jon Lucien; Live in Europe and Bela Vista with Tania Maria; and Double Up and Assembler with Bill Connors
Performances with Jon Lucien, Kenny Rankin, Andy Narrell, Tania Maria, Didier Lockwood, Bill Connors, the Pointer Sisters, and Edgar Winter


1998 European Tour (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy)
1997 European Tour (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)
1996 Concert in Biel, Switzerland
1995 Concert in Weiden, Germany
1994 European Tours (Germany, Holland, Italy)
Solo performance at the International Music
Convention in Rotterdam, Holland


1997 - Present Kenny Rankin, U.S. Tours
1989 - Present Jon Lucien, International Tours
1986 - 1997 Tania Maria, International Tours
1984 - 1986 Didier Lockwood, International Tours
1985 Edgar Winter, International Tours
1975 The Pointer Sister, U.S. Tours


1998 "BET Jazz Central" - Jon Lucien
1991 "Antibes Jazz Festival" - Tania Maria
1990 "Live from Mt. Fuji", Mt. Fuji, Japan - Tania Maria
1986 "Concert du Jazz au Zenith", Paris, France - Jacques
Higelin and Didier Lockwood
1975 "Tonight Show" - The Pointer Sisters

Featured Member
Featured Member
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