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Johnny Rabb

Johnny Rabb, whose outrageous style of playing has continuously turned heads world-wide, is the blueprint for creativity. Johnny's blend of drumming encompasses hip-hop, house, techno, and jungle drum n' bass styles, lending an almost futuristic notion to the music. Johnny has been an educator for many years, selflessly giving to others the passion that he holds for music. His innovative concepts and ideas can be seen in his comprehensive instructional book, "Jungle/Drum n' Bass for the acoustic drum set", released by Warner Brothers in 2001. This publication was the recipient of the acclaimed, Modern Drummer Readers Poll "Best Educational Book" award in 2003. Johnny's gift for teaching others has also extended to his having made appearances in clinics world-wide. Johnny can also be seen and heard with his popular Nashville, Tennessee band, Superactionheroes.

Clinician Johnny Rabb earned the distinction of "World's Fastest Drummer," as recognized by the Guinness World Records, by playing 1,071 single strokes in 60 seconds on a live broadcast of VH1's Rock and Roll Record Breakers.

Johnny Rabb received his first drum set at the tender age of three. With the support of his parents and the influence of live concerts and instructional clinics, Johnny began to excel at a tremendous rate. Johnny's dedication to his new love and eventual life's pursuit led him to the prestigious Berklee College of Music to pursue degrees in Education and Performance.
After the course of study and musical experimentation, Johnny relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, where he invented the award-winning RhythmSaw.

Playing with touring notables such as Tanya Tucker and Hank Williams III provided the excitement of live performances, along with the creative contribution of writing and developing children's books/videos and educational workshops.

Johnny was asked to participate in an event sponsored by the Nashville Percussion Institute by founder Boo McAfee. Johnny has the uncanny ability to play single-stroke rolls at an incredible speed. With the assistance of McAfee and a device named the DRUMOMETER, the first competition for The Worls Fastest Drummer was born. Johnny won hands down and, in doing so, came to the attention of the Guinness World Records committee. Johnny was asked to defend his title live at the Guinness World Records Experience in Orlando, Florida. The attempt was documented by VH-1 for a show called Rock & Roll Record Breakers. Johnny not only defended but broke the existing world record of 1026 to play 1071 single strokes in 60 seconds.

Johnny is featured in seven interactive displays at the Guinness World Attractions, including Orlando, FL, Gatlinburg, TN, Hollywood, CA, and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Johnny is currently participating in a number of clinics throughout the world to outstanding reviews. He performed a memorable show to a capacity crowd at the Montreal Drumfest and also performed in France, Italy, and at the Musik Messe in Frankfurt, Germany... a tour together with Marco Minnemann and Thomas Lang.

Johnny has been a faculty member for the KOSA Festival for the past two years. He was honored to be able to play at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Nashville, TN.

He has published his own instructional drum videos, children's books, and solo album. He has designed "The Rabb Pack," a Signature Series of cymbals for the MEINL Cymbal Company. Johnny believes that education is the most important element for the future and continues to find opportunities to share his knowledge with musicians worldwide.

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