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Joey Kramer

Joseph Michael Kramer, born June 21, 1950, to parents Mickey & Doris Kramer.
Height: 5'6'' Weight: 155 lbs Hair: Brown. Eyes: Blue.
Instruments:Drums, Percussion

BirthPlace: New York City (Bronx)
Siblings: Three Sisters
Any other education:
Berklee College Of Music, 1970
What instruments he plays:Drums

Shawn has been a Joey Kramer fan since he first started playing drums at age 13. The first song he learned was Walking in the Sand. Aerosmith has been a great influence in his drumming. His first Aerosmith concert was from the Pump album - he wanted to see the Night in the Ruts concert, but he was too young and his mom wouldn't let him go.
Shawn has always been infatuated with Joey Kramer's smooth style of playing and ability to stay in the pocket and his rock blues style of playing. Shawn feels that Joey Kramer is one of the most under- rated drummer there ever was.

Shawn and his best friend Neal started an Aerosmith Tribute because of their love for Aerosmith and this style of music. Also Shawn is very comfortable playing the Aerosmith songs do to growing up listing to their many great albums.

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