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Jamie Oldaker

For over thirty years, Jamie Oldaker has built a career in the music industry, as one of the worlds most respected drummers, producer and a discover of talent.
Jamie (Jamo) was raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was inspired by his father a former drummer to take up the drums, As a kid, he grew up listening to John Phillips Souza and Benny Goodmans drummer Gene Krupa after seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Jamie knew his calling. Both if his parents were supportive and tolerant of the never-ending line of musicians jamming in the familys household.

After high school, Jamie left Tulsa for St. Louis to perform with Phil Driscoll at the up scale Chase Park Plaza Hotels famed music hot spot The Basement. It was with Phil Driscoll that Jamie got the opportunity to perform on the Ed Sullivan show. This was the same stage as The Beatles performed that had inspired him earlier.

Jamie returned to Tulsa and joined the Tulsa County Band. TCB played the local Tulsa scene and then headed out on another eastern road trip. This time, they headed to Detroit, where fellow Tulsa musicians and friends Teagarden and Van Winkle had also been playing with Bob Seger. Seger had just finished recording Smokin OPS. During, that time Bob Seger decided to form a new band in order to record a new album. Jamie was hired to join the band. They recorded the album Back in 72. Which contained the original Bob Seger classic Turn the Page.
Jamie returned to Tulsa and continued playing the local scene in between touring. During, this period singer/songwriter J.J. Cale (writer of Cocaine, Lay Down Sally, After Midnite) would come down to the clubs where Jamie was playing and sit in with the band. Cale had been signed to Leon Russells newly formed Shelter Records and Leon was in town looking for musicians to hire to record with him at Shelter.

Leon hired Jamie as a session musician to work at the Shelter Records famed Church Studio located in Tulsa. While at Shelter, Jamie recorded Stop All that Jazz, The Gap Band, Georgie Fame, and many other album projects in between touring with Leon Russell and the Gap Band.

During, this period Jamie was also working with legendary Tulsa bassist Carl Radle who has played with Leon Russell and Eric Claptons Derek and the Dominos project which produced the hit Layla.

Carl had sent to Eric Clapton, some of the live recordings he had of Jamie playing with Bob Seger and others. Radle was trying to inspire Eric to get back into the studio and on the road again.

Over a year had passed by since Carl Radle had sent the tapes to Eric and Jamie was preparing to go out on the road with Leon Russell and the Gap Band. Two weeks before Jamie was scheduled to leave he received a call from Carl who said, Eric wants to make a record. Bring Jamie and the other players from Tulsa with you.

Jamie headed to Criteria studios in Miami and recorded 461 Ocean Blvd. The 461, album included the hit I Shot the Sheriff, and was the first of 11 albums and a long standing friendship thats still exist today. Jamie played on classic Clapton albums that include; Slowhand, Theres One in Every Crowd, EC was Here, and Backless and others.

This was a hectic and creative time for Jamie who was dividing his time between touring with Eric Clapton and playing with Bob Seger who had unexpectedly lost drummer Charlie Martin to a automobile accident when he was struck by a car while walking along the road. In between two major tours, Jamie still found time to record two albums with blues artist Freddie King for RSO Records. While in the Bahamas, Peter Frampton had heard one of the tracks from Claptons Slowhand album on the radio. He had decided that who ever was playing the drums for Clapton on that album also needed to be playing with him in his band. Frampton, instructed his road manager to track down Jamie and get him to join Peter on tour. Jamie joined the band and went straight from Eric Claptons tour to Peter Framptons tour with only a week in between and with no rehearsals. Once again Jamie was touring around the world and recorded the Gold album Where I Should Be Album with Frampton.

The Bee Gees were experimenting on a project at their own studio in Miami and hired Jamie along with Steve Gadd, Jeff Porcarro, and Russ Knunkel to emulate drum machines and assemble drum tracks that were within 9 milliseconds of a mechanical click track. These tracks are believed to have ended up being used on the various future albums, although no one really knows for sure. Jamie resumed drumming for Eric Clapton, replacing Roger Hawkins. Jamie left for Dallas to meet up with Eric. They rehearsed one song and went to eat some BBQ. Clapton, Jamie and the rest of the band left for Monserett to record Behind the Sun with Phil Collins at George Martins famous recording hideaway AIR Studios. During, the tour of Behind the Sun one of the most memorable stops was in Philadelphia for the Live Aid concert. Live Aid was broadcast world wide to an audience of approximately 2 billion people. Phil Collins had finished his Live Aid performance in England and jumped on the Concord and flew to Philadelphia to perform in together with Jamie. This was Collins second Live Aid show that day.

A local Tulsa artist named Ronnie Dunn had asked Jamie to help him with his career. Jamie entered Dunn into the Marlboro Country Music contest and Dunn attained national recognition by winning the finals. Jamie performed with and managed Dunn during the Marlboro Country Music tour and recorded the original versions of Boot Scootin Boogie, Neon Moon, Shes Not the Cheatin Kind and She Used to Be Mine. Dunn later became the Entertainer of the Year along with partner Kix Brooks as the duo Brooks and Dunn.

Ace Frehleys bassist John Regan asked Jamie to join up with Ace where he replaced Anton Fig who was performing full time as the drummer on the David Letterman show. Jamies tours with Ace included Frehleys Comet, with Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper. Jamie also performed with Ace on the video Live in London that was recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon to support the album Second Sighting. Frampton asked Jamie to rejoin him for another worldwide tour and Jamie again went back and forth between Clapton and Frampton. Jamie performed and recorded 2 years in a row with Eric Clapton at the famous Royal Albert Hall. These shows were recorded for the album and video 24 Nights, where Jamie performed with blues artist Buddy Guy, Jimmie Vaughn, Albert Collins, Johnny Johnson and Robert Cray.

Once again bassist and friend John Regan called Jamie to come join him on tour. This time for a tour with Stephen Stills. Several of these tour dates were co headlined along with Chicago, followed by another short run with Peter Frampton and English rockabilly artist Dave Edmunds. As a founding member of the Tulsa based group The Tractors, their debut album for Arista sold over 3.5 million albums, won the CMA Video of the Year and contained the Grammy nominated hit Baby Likes to Rock it (Like a Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train). The Tractors toured with Brooks and Dunn, John Michael Montgomery and played live on Late Night with David Letterman and The Jay Leno Show. The Tractors also recorded a Christmas album entitled Have Yourself a Tractors Christmas and Farmers in a Changing World.

Jamie is currently producing Willis Alan Ramseys new album in Austin, TX. Also, Jamie is also finishing producing a project featuring some of the friends whom he has worked with through the years, Eric Clapton, Vince Gill, Ronnie Dunn, Willis Alan Ramsey, Taj Mahal, Peter Frampton, Bonnie Bramlett, Ray Benson, JJ Cale, Willie Nelson and others. It is entitled Mad Dogs & Okies and features artists or musicians that are either from Oklahoma or have been involved or influenced by Oklahoma music over the years. Release will be Spring of 2005 on the www.concordrecords.com label along with Jamies own imprint label MintBlue Island Records. Jamie is also preparing his new website www.jamieoldaker.com along with JamOkie Productions. All information will be available through Jamies website along with other updates and interests. Jamie is finishing his book entitled The Best Seat in The House memoirs of a young boy that wanted to be in a drummer in a rock band.

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