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Duffy Jackson

Born and raised in Jazz, Duffy Jackson has been performing since the age of four, when his father, legendary Jazz Bassist. Chubby Jackson, gave him his first set of drums. "He had a fantastic feeling for rhythms," remarked the elder Jackson; whose own rhythmic pulse sparked the Woody Herman Orchestra during the 1940's.

By the age often, Duffy had built up quite a reputation as the "Jazz Wonderkid", making national television appearances on "I've Got a Secret", "The Mike Douglas Show" and other shows. The day after high school graduation, Jackson packed his bags for California to play a three-week stint at Shelly's Mannhole with Milt Jackson and Ray Brown. On the heels of that engagement, he hopped a plane for New York to record with Monty Alexander. By his 18th birthday, Jackson was touring the country with Lena Home. At 20 he was performing in concert with Sammy Davis, Jr., appearing In the popular weekly TV show, "Sammy & Company'.

Since that time, Duffy Jackson's powerful, swinging style has driven such big name bands as Count Basie, Artie Shaw, Lionel Hampton and Illinois Jacquet. He's also performed with such Jazz legends as Duke Ellington. Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Eckstine, Stan Getz, Buddy Rich and Harry "Sweets" Edison to name a few.
Tutored by Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa and Louie Bellson, Jackson shares h's rlch musical heritage with fans and music students of all ages worldwide. Active in the International Association of Jazz Educators (IAJE), Dully has served as artist-inresidence at Valdosta State College, The University of Miami, Youngstown University as well as guest arfistleducator for the Collegiate Band Program at Walt Disney World. He conducts rhythm section and lmprovlsatlonal workshops for elementary, high school and college students and frequently holds Master classes for working drummers as well.

Hailed by critics as the "heir-apparent" to the big-band drum throne vacated by Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa, Jackson's praises are sung throughout the world, citing his brash, dynamic style. But Jackson's talents extend beyond percussion. He is a prolific composer, keyboard player, bassist, vibraphonlst and vocalist, as is evidenced by his Milestone Fantasy release, "Swingl Swingl Swingl" Dully Jackson is that rare and brilliant hybrid known as the consummate entertainer. H's ability to combine solid musicianship with high energy showmanship (not unlike the late Dizzy Gillespie) is what sets him apart from other jazz musicians. His effusive enthusiasm beams like a spotlight, showering his audience with syncopated excitement.

Duffy's newest release, "Duffy Jackson's French Connection", was recorded in Paris during Christmas 1997. It features three of France's best jazz musicians and captures the electrifying performances recorded live at the "Alliance Jazz Club".

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