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Andrew Hewitt

"Australia's Most Inspirational Drummer"

Andrew Hewitt Andrew Hewitt, dubbed as "Australia's most inspirational drummer", is starting to become one of the most talked about drummers on the national and international drumming and disability communities.

He was born with Cerebral Palsy, which restricts movement in his arms and legs, which forces him to walk aided with crutches and sometimes use a wheelchair. This has made drumming a very serious challenge.

Despite this, over the past 20 years Andrew has worked successfully as a Performing Artist, Drum set Clinician, Motivational Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, and Disability Advocate.

It all started in 1980 when his parents got him a drum kit for Christmas thinking it would be a good form of physical exercise.

Over the years as Andrew grew, he could never participate in schools sports or any other physical activities, drums became his major passion.

Andrew played in his first band in North-West Tasmania in the late 80s.
Moved to Melbourne in 1992, and then Sydney in 2001.

He was determined to never let his disability stop him from achieving a much greater success.

After 30 years, Andrew is still hard at it.

Since 2004, Andrew has been constantly travelling around Australia performing at various disability events, expos, and conferences.

Andrew also runs a drum and percussion workshop program for people with disabilities to help them find their own creative element.

He has definitely made his mark on a global scale, with articles in drumming magazines from all over the world, such as: Modern Drummer (USA), DRUM! (USA), Rhythm (UK), The Black Page (Canada), and Australian's own Drum scene.

For the past 8 years, Andrew has been continuously involved within the Australian disability arts sector, and has been involved with organizations around Australia such as Club Wild and is in close connection with Accessible Arts NSW.

He has made various TV appearances such as Monique Wright's Everyday People segment on Channel 7's Sunrise program, Tim Bailey's Channel 10 Sydney Weather in December 2005, promoting the Club Wild shows at the Sydney Opera House.

Andrew Hewitt In February 2007, Andrew released his debut DVD worldwide through US organisation "Alternatives in Music". The DVD although short has received some rave reviews from across the globe, including a 3 stars out of 5 in UK drum magazine Rhythm. The DVD is entitled simply, "Alternatives in Music presents Andrew Hewitt" and runs for 15 minutes, during which it tells Andrew's story of a drummer with Cerebral Palsy, and how he has stopped at nothing to get to the goals he has set. It was filmed at Billy Hyde Drumcraft, and produced by US producer Anthony Allen who came to Australia to film a number of Australian drummers for various website projects he had going at the time.

In March 2008, Andrew performed blistering solo performances at High Beam Global in Adelaide, part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

High Beam Global showcases all artists with disabilities from all over the world. Andrew performed 5 times in 3 days, ranging from drum and percussion workshops to night club solo performances.

Toward the end of 2008, Andrew was the guest of honour at The Centre for Cerebral Palsy's CP Awareness Week in Perth - Western Australia, and the Awakenings Festival in Horsham - Victoria, where he held his specialised drum and percussion workshops, and some solo performances. The Perth gigs ended with a band spot with local Perth band "The Healy's".

In July 2009, Andrew performed at Australia's Ultimate Drummers' Weekend in Melbourne at Darebin Arts Centre. The weekend was organised by Frank Corniola, Drumtek and Drum scene Magazine, and featured such artists from all over the world as: Dom Famularo, Thomas Pridgen, Virgil Donati, Pete Lockett and Ronald Bruner Jr.

This was a very special performance on the main stage at the festival, featuring Dom Famularo and one of Dom's students who flew out from the USA, Mike Mignogna. Mike has Cerebral Palsy similar to Andrew, and the 3 showed the audience just what can be done with a bit of determination. The performance was very well received by the audience, and got a standing ovation in a room of 500 people.

In August 2010, Andrew was invited to perform at the Roland V-Drum Festival 2010 at Carraigeworks at the inner Sydney suburb of Redfern. This performance featured a short clinic where I explained the advantages of electronics on drums for people with disabilities, and a few ways he utilises electronics to overcome physical challenges associated with his disability.

Andrew HewittThe festival ended with Andrew on stage with all of the performers from the day in an all-star jam... who included: Michael Schack (Germany), Karl Lewis (Savage Garden), Terapai Richmond (The Whitlams, Delta Goodrem), Simon Ayton (Roland), and Lucius Borich (COG).

2010 ended with Andrew performing in Parramatta's Church Street Mall for International Day for People With A Disability.

Currently Andrew is an Australian endorsee for DW Drums, Zildjian Cymbals and Vic Firth drumsticks. He is also a member of the Vic Firth education program through Vic Firth USA.

Andrew also uses Roland drum electronics exclusively.

Andrew Hewitt is available for private drum tuition, drum and percussion workshop facilitation, conference keynote speaking and as a performing artist.

Andrew Hewitt has clearly made his mark within the disability and music communities, and will continue to deliver the same level of professionalism and dedication for many years to come.

Andrew Hewitt's website: http://www.drummerstix.com.au

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