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Adrian Young

Adrian Young grew up in Cypress, California. His parents indulged in the free spirit that was the 1960's. Early in life he was surrounded by the sounds of bands such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, the Doors and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. This may explain much to the freest spirit in the rock band that we call No Doubt.
The 60's rock made impressions on young Adrian but so did the punk rock that came with the following decade. "Road to Ruin" was Adrian's very first record that he purchased. While in high school Adrian attempted to drum "Bend Over" by another Orange County band Doggy style. It was not until Christmas day of 1987, when his parents purchased a drum set for Adrian, that he could hit the skins with regularity. No Doubt was not his first band; Mr. Young was the drummer for "Echostar".
In 1989 Chris Webb, feeling that the band was going nowhere fast, quit No Doubt for good. A fan in the crowd picked up the ball and ran with it; and he's still running. Adrian auditioned for the band and said that he had been a drummer for almost seven years.
Even with this little white lie he impressed Eric Stefani and the band and was accepted. His wild personality began to shine immediately. Now 18, Adrian was also a fan of the pop sounds of the Police. A quick precise drum technique is what he brought. He also brought groupies. Christine, a native of Chicago was one of these groupies. Adrian a self proclaimed smelly and stinky guy started dating the smart Midwesterner. "I don't know why she dates me. She's smarter than me", he once said.
Adrian has been known as a party animal and accused as a Goth. He borrowed the idea of the devil horns from an extra on the "Just a Girl" video shoot. He claimed it was a tribute to Christine who he missed very much. He also said it brought of the dark side in him. With a life on the road Adrian met Nina Kent during the Rock Show tour in 1997. He fell in love with her and became serious about her. Their romance grew and during the 1999 California Club tour in her hometown of San Francisco, he took center stage. Adrian called out the love of his life and proposed in front of a packed house at the Fillmore. She gladly accepted his his proposal. The wedding took place on January 16, 2000. It's official Adrian Young is married, the first in the band to do so.
Adrian's passion beyond music is golf. Adrian recently told Spin Magazine, "I take this game way more seriously than I take anything in life," he continued, "It's an obsessive thing. It makes me more mad than anything-any girl, any band fight. It's just full of anguish." Adrian participated in VH-1's Fairway to Heaven during 1998 and caught the eye of former shock-rocker and golfer Alice Cooper. Alice said he thought Adrian had a nice shot. Adrian hopes to one day tear up the pro-am circuit. Until those days come he'll be perfecting his game whenever spare time arises.
Writing is not a strong point of Adrian. He has been credited with writing in only one No Doubt song to date, Move On. Instead, he feels that he just shows up when needed and gives the songs a little something extra. Gwen says that songs are like children and Adrian is their uncle. She says he invites them over and gives them beer; basically spoils them. Adrian's lack of lyrical expertise enabled him to tour with the Vandals in 1998, friends of his who he was more than happy to help out. He said that the tour van they used was not a favorable memory for him but it was a fitting challenge performing different music that he's used to performing.
Adrian has played shows naked in Europe. When in New Orleans a member of the stage crew had to run a pair of boxers to him to avoid the indecent exposure charge. Gwen told VH-1, "I don't know what's wrong with Adrian. He feels like he has to show his privates off to everybody." After 10 straight years of performing in boxers Adrian opted for the more revealing G-string in 1999. It is something he temporarily gave up after New Year's because, "it felt like butt floss." He still brings them out every now and then.
Adrian Young was a kid in the mosh pit of early No Doubt shows. Now he beats the drum and sets the pace for the current mosh pitters at No Doubt shows. He admits that the music is what keeps the band together; it takes president over any little squabble the band may encounter. The music is what keeps the true fans coming and that's the bottom line.

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